Don't Be A Control Freak

If you want to make the single biggest improvement in your life possible, here it is in a nutshell:

Figure out the difference between what you're able to control, and what you can't control. Then, don't stress out over what you can't control. 

That's it.   

Otherwise, you're the idiot screaming at a steering wheel on the verge of a stroke while you and everyone else around you wait in a 4 lane traffic jam.   That's fighting a battle you can't win.

I can't lie to you, this took me forever to learn, and I still have my bad days.  They're increasingly few and far between.  However, where's what I've learned: Once I started reaping the benefits of not sweating the stuff I can't do anything about, my life got a whole lot better.  Not just a little bit better, not just a minor improvement.  There is a huge difference in my stress level and my general happiness. 

Figure this out, you're well on your way to winning whatever battles you have to fight. 


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