Doing What We're Called To Do.

Here's a simple question, but it's one that we very rarely ask ourselves: Right now, are you doing what you feel you have been called to do? I'm not satisfied marking time and making things for the sake of things to make. My life has changed more in the last year than it has in the past five at the very least, and in the events of that year, I have felt a calling to create things with a purpose. To teach, and to try and leave the people in my life in a better place than where I found them.

That's a phrase you're going to get quite sick of hearing, so get used to it.

The best way I can do this is to share with you what I believe to be true, what I feel helps me live my life on my terms, and be a sufficient crash test dummy on how to create something that can turn into a successful business, and along the way we'll have a few laughs.

By the time we're done, against all odds, maybe we will have all learned something about ourselves. For my part, I have already.


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