DISPATCH 9/24: Molon Labe

It’s going to be different now, because now I’m angry.   I’ve been upset about this nasty business since November, I’ve grown more and more annoyed over the past few months as the stupidity has done nothing but grown exponentially, but now I am angry.  

This weekend, I watched people who profess to love this country and call themselves “Real Americans”, “True Americans”, and “True Patriots”  prove beyond that shadow of a doubt that they have no actual idea what any of those words mean, and now I am angry.  

Once again, I have watched men and women who could not possibly know what those words mean denigrate one of the greatest men this country has ever known, a warrior, a POW, and a man we do not deserve. They spit on his legacy, they wish sickness and death on him for deigning to disagree, and now I am angry. 

I have read the irrationality of a President who can’t possibly know the meaning of those words inch us closer to a dangerous conflict, and pick fights with people that were completely unnecessary.  I have watched his sycophants defend these actions, and those same “Real Americans” would like me to leave this country if I don’t love it in the same manner as they, and now I am angry.

I have watched these same lemmings with their froggy avatars and their MAGAgear and their misappropriation of Their/There/They’re and Your/You’re dictate the level and form of protest some of us can engage in based on their own arbitrary limitations.  The profession we’re in, or how much money we’re given to ‘perform’ for their amusement, or the color of our skin, our orientation, our gender.  Unless, of course, we agree with them in which case BUT HER EMAILS BENGAZI DISRESPECT THE FLAG LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT, and now I am angry.  

I am watching the single greatest deliberative body in the world dancing on the precipice of dooming millions of people for no actual good reason other than “But Obamacare…”, and now I am angry.  

I’m watching good people fear for their future as a sword of Damocles called DACA hang over their head, dooming them to an uncertain future because of choices they didn’t make, and the people who consider themselves the Realest of the Real Americans have no idea how much that is going to hurt this country, and they don’t care because they don’t think it’s going to affect them.  It will, and now I am angry.

I’m watching people with no more morals or ethics than a refrigerator steal an election, buy this country, and hang good hard working people out to dry, and when we speak up, we’re not Real True Patriotic Americans, and now I am angry.

“Anger," as Zack de la Rocha said, "is a gift.” 

I am an American.  As real as you.   

And I am angry.   I will exercise my rights to protest, and I. Resist. 

If you disagree with my rights...

Come and take them. 





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