Some random thoughts on this Sunday Morning…

Marilyn Manson was injured last night during his show.  Apparently he tried to climb up on a scaffold that wasn’t secure, and it came down on top of him.  I hope it’s not serious.  Someone, however is getting fired or sued.  Likely both.  I’m a fan of Marilyn’s earlier stuff; The Golden Age of Grotesque is my favorite.  He’s a fine example of needing to look behind the paint to find what’s really there.  At least, his earlier stuff is.  There’s some deep stuff there if you go looking.  People rarely do.  

Watching the scenes of Spanish cops beating Catalonians who simply want to vote for their independence.  This is completely unnecessary; it has been said from the start that this vote was unsanctioned, and no country has said they will officially recognize Catalonia as an independent state.      Spain is poking the bear needlessly here.  I suspect Spain needs Catalonia more than Catalonia needs Spain, and what you’re seeing is fear.  From Spain.  This is what fascism looks like, kids.  

What are the odds our President will speak about Mariano Rajoy in glowing terms before this is over? I hope he can get his title right this time. 

Make no mistake, this is what fascism looks like.  Catalonia knows this, and we should take note.  It’s a possible future here if we’re not very careful. 

I have a friend that appears to have gone completely off the grid.  “Time to make some magic happen’, he said.  Bought a farm, quit his job, and appears to be going completely self sufficient.  If there’s anyone that can do this, he can.   I know this has been something he’s talked about for years, but I have to wonder if there was a particular reason that now was the time?  He picked a good time to ‘drop out’, I suppose.  Mental note to ask him what he still has to render unto Caesar now that he’s opted out.  

I talk a lot about refusing to participate in the circus, but mine’s more of a mental game I suppose.  As my kids grow up and out, I wonder about downsizing and being more of a digital nomad.  What do I need to live comfortably?  What can I live without?  Lastly, can I do it and be mobile.  Or, for that matter, expatriate?  Half of me wants to buy a small RV and kit it out, and the other half wants to move to some beach in the Caribbean, like, tomorrow.  

What I need is the margin mentally and financially to be able to do this.   And, a healthy respect for natural disaster, it seems. 

A small victory: I didn’t break the chain in September.  On to October.  Projects for the month:

* Retool the Twitter and FB Pages, and budget ads for them.  FB ads are severely underpriced for the ROI you get out of them.  I experimented with FB ads in September for boosted posts and had some success.  Time to get the word out about what I’m doing here.  Might not be October, but will be soon. 

* Differentiating content between platforms.  Why would anyone subscribe to me on different channels if the same thing is everywhere?  I need to give you a reason to be with me on IG, or TW, or FB.  I also need to drive traffic back to the .com.    

* The fitness challenge begins in earnest this month.  Between now and Memorial Day, I’m going to be working hard to make something happen.  We’ll see how I measure up to this one. 

* Start writing some decent posts in my CTP Core Areas.  They won’t hit soon, I’m going to start writing now, though.   

* Identify one area in my life that I do repetitively, and see if I can figure out how to Automate, Optimize, or Delegate it.  This is going to be a monthly challenge, and possibly a future How-To if what I do actually works.

* …and as I’ve said about a bajillion times over the past month, “Don’t Break The Chain”.  Having a wall calendar up in my office that I can cross off has been a great motivator, actually.  I highly recommend this if there’s something you want to do every day. It’s a little shot of happy every day when I can cross that day off the list.  Makes it fun. 

Stay in Flight.


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