Good morning, and a Happy Friday to you.  Here’s what I found for you.

  • I’m not a science geek, but I appreciate really cool science demonstrations like this.  
  • There’s an organization called the Visual Effects Society, and they’ve made a list of the 70 most influential effects of all time.
  • One of my favorite books of all time is Dune.  I even like the 1984 David Lynch movie along with (apparently) maybe 11 other people on the planet.  But Frank Herbert owes a lot to this book
  • Have a kid who likes building things?  Have a  kid with a messy room?  You’re welcome.


A note about the current debate over health care in DC, a subject I will be covering all next week on the podcast:

Call me crazy, but there is debate and then there is bullshit.  Debate—at least as I understand it— is when I take your point, analyze it, contrast it to my point, and argue why my point is better.   At no point during this week have I heard any Senator do this.  Instead, they opt for bullshit. 

Bullshit, for the purposes of this discussion, is not even acknowledging or even attempting to answer a question, and attacking the other point of view.   Not even bothering to address the question put to them.  

“But Obamacare…”

“But her emails…”

“But Benghazi…” 

I wanted to give you some sort of equal time here but fuck it, I’m not a goddamned journalist and no one that’s going to argue with me about this will be one either.  

This all comes down to one thing in the end: The leadership that wants to push this through are doing it for one reason and one only: They’re scared shitless.  If they lose this, they have nothing to show for  almost an entire year of work.  They fail in one of their major campaign promises, despite owning DC. Their donors will bail, they will get primaried by even more extreme members of their party, and there’s going to be a blast crater where their re-election chances used to be in 2018.  

Not to mention when they look up to the other end of the street, they see a guy who may not be there by Election Day next year, and if he goes, they get dragged out the door with him. 

This is for all the marbles.  They know it.  They’re scared. 

It sounds cliche’ as hell, but next week is probably the most important week in the history of Democracy.  

We outnumber this circus.  Let’s show them.


Stay in Flight.




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