DECEMBER 29, 2016

First, Today's headlines, courtesy of Democracy Now!



Anyway, there’s a lot of software out there that will let you remove noise from your podcasts. Most of them work the same way: you “train” the software on a portion of the audio that contains only the noise you want to remove, which is generally a moment when your subject isn’t talking. In that moment of personal silence, the recording is pure noise: the whirr of a laptop fan, the buzz of a heater, and the hiss of a microphone that does a very good job of picking up room noise.

What I like about Jason is that he makes it understandable, and he also understands that a lot of us are on a shoestring.  



"The Constitution gives the House the authority to discipline members; I have never heard of anything where an officer of the House was given that authority," Mike Stern, a former lawyer for the House counsel's office and the Senate Homeland Security Committee's GOP staff, told Politico.

Trust me, if Pelosi was Speaker, Ryan would be the first one to hit Facebook Live if she shut off the CSPAN cameras.  Judging from the median age of the GOP House, he might be the only one that would know how.  This is partisan intimidation, and this should be the first place Dems refuse to play. 



In the episode, the crew is using warp drive for a rescue mission — it's traveling to an area of space where a friendly ship has been stalled. On the way to the ship, the Enterprise is rendered powerless by an unrecognized ship and boarded by a pair of strangers.

When they come aboard, the strangers — a brother and sister from another planet — tell the Enterprise it must immediately stop using warp drive. "You are killing us!" the sister says.

I'm not just concerned that climate research will be limited by the new administration, I'm concerned research will be limited, full stop.  These people don't believe in facts, science, and possibly reality itself.  



The most dangerous thing about social media in general — especially Instagram — is that everybody is doing well. Check your timeline: Everyone from your high school eats perfect meals and completes perfect workout routines, has perfect jobs, perfect relationships and perfect kids who play with their perfect dogs that take perfect shits. The result is a society full of people who constantly have to portray the illusion of success, which keeps them so occupied that they don’t have enough time to actually experience success. 

I get a lot of shit for calling Facebook the Human Highlight reel.  This is a thing.  Really.  Now we're spending so much time looking for likes that we get no wins?  A LIKE IS NOT A WIN.   

Maybe both that the same amount of work, but we stop just short of the long term goal for the short term squirt of happy juice?  I dunno.  

I'd rather work for contentment and fulfillment in the long term than the joy of a short term.  That also means sharing when I fuck up.  That means I'm real.  

Hey, tell me what you think of this format.  I like it, I'd like to know if you do.  


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