British Army used FB Ads to recruit academically stressed, disadvantaged teens

The Independent:

Rachel Taylor, the director of programmes at Child Soldiers International, said: ”The MoD continues to target teenagers to fix the recruitment shortfall and this is another example of their strategy to recruit at the youngest possible age.  

“Explicitly doing so around GCSE results day is exploitative and preys on those who may be panicking after getting disappointing results in their exams. The MoD should be enforcing the policy of successive governments to support the most disadvantaged teenagers to succeed academically, gaining at least a grade C GCSE in English and maths, including through resits if necessary.

Every single time someone speaks a little truth to bullshit here -- that the military sometimes isn't the paragon of virtue we make it out to be -- those people find themselves ostracized.  

Tell me that this kind of thing doesn't happen in the US, and I will tell you that you're lying to yourself. 



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