BLOG: Why You're Crazy If You Don't Start Crowdfunding Now

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen a product advertised on Kickstarter, or a charity on GoFundMe. I think these are great things. Products and services that previously were destined to remain as a sketch on a cocktail napkin now have just as much chance to become real, tangible things that resolves the pain points of a customer's life. Charities that have been underrepresented and overlooked have the ability to maximize services to a community that needs them. Have you stopped to consider what crowdfunding can do for you?

"Well Roley," I hear you say, "I don't have any products or services to offer yet, and I certainly don't qualify as a charity'. To that I would simply say that you're not thinking far enough out of the box. all you need is a blog, a copy of the DSM or a printed selection of diseases from WebMD a dartboard and a little initiative, and you'd be surprised at the wide variety of afflictions people will donate to. My advice is the more syllables it takes to pronounce, the more epic it sounds. How often can an actual virus take you viral? Not that bloody often.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't actually NEED a product or a service to take advantage of crowdfunding. This new world of Contentreprinfluencing ™ is a world of new and original ideas. What you NEED is an idea. Look at the number of items pitched on Kickstarter -- IDEAS -- that get fully funded, yet never come to fruition. What's more, your idea can be just like the one Ronald Reagan had for Star Wars: Something something laser beams. It can't be completely half baked, but slightly undercooked and not quite fully formed might be just enough. It also helps if you call your idea the Uber of...whatever industry you're making up. Everybody else is doing it, you may as well join in. Remember, you have until the funding deadline before the Statute of Limitations clock kicks in. Just Sayin'.

If you still have doubts that crowdfunding is not the way of the future, I will point out that no less than Wal-Mart has adopted crowdfunding as a viable option. Well, when I say Wal-Mart, I mean the Wal-Mart Employees. And when I say Crowdfund, I mean the communal fund the employees chip into so that they can all afford to, you know, eat.

Let's face it, the best time to start that GoFundMe account was a year ago. The next best time is before you get diagnosed with a debilitating disease.

By the way GoFundMe, if you're listening, I think you can really leverage this ad hoc healthcare market into a maximum opportunity for you. DM's are open.