BLOG: How Much Time Should I Spend On 'The Hustle?'

It doesn't take a very long look around you to see the community of people dedicated to the gig life, or the creative life. They Uber. They make slime videos for Instagram. They make YouTube videos. They're photographers. They blog, or podcast, or both. I don't care what part of the world you're in, you have a community of creatives all around you, and they all have one thing in common: They're exhausted.

You can tell who these people are pretty quickly. There's a vacant look on their faces. It's more terrifying the later in the day it it gets. They have entire cargo bays full of luggage under their eyes. They mainline as much caffeine as they can cram into their systems without their hearts exploding, and they keep moving forward all day because the second they stop, they collapse into a heap of exhaustion only to start the next day earlier than they started the last one.

This is called ‘The Hustle’, the end result of which appears to be waking up earlier and earlier to get more and more done until you actually find yourself getting up two or three hours before you go to sleep the night before in pursuit of maximum creativity and productivity. As someone paid to say things that sound wise said once in a book they haven’t stopped telling you about yet “There’s 24 usable hours in a day, and you’re a complete loser who will never amount to anything if you sleep during any of it.”

Personally, between all my business efforts, I haven’t slept since 2005, and I really feel like all my hard work is going to pay off any day now. The nervous twitch and the numerous popped blood vessels in my eyes will have all been worth it. If you’re not on the verge of a debilitating heart condition or a stroke, you’re just not working hard enough.

You know what they say, “No pain, No gain”. The dirty secret about that is that there comes a point where you actually transcend pain. I haven’t been able to feel my extremities for 6 weeks now, and while it’s a little bit of a chore bumping into things, falling down stairs, and hoping I don’t cut of an appendage with a steak knife at dinner, I feel mostly great.

So, in closing, I would say Hustle 36/8/370. Because 24/7/365 is for LOSERS.