Baseball Over Democracy

Next Tuesday, almost as a putrid bookend to this year that began with losing so many of our heroes, we get to hold our nose and choose which Presidential Candidate we hate less.  

Because Karma is sometimes kind, we get to have a moment tonight that in a way, required so much of 2016 to go completely south.  Game 7 of the World Series, with the Cleveland Indians facing the Chicago Cubs.   

The. Chicago. Cubs.  A team that on some level, even if you can't stand baseball, we all have some kind of affection for.    

Neither of these teams are in that rarified air of a Yankees or Red Sox dynasty (Yes, you can call Boston a dynasty now, because of moneyball, they've become the thing they hated) 

Tonight, we should all be baseball fans, because we are going to get to see something we may well never see again.  Two underdog teams--uniquely American teams--playing what could be the greatest game ever in the history of the sport.  Giving us a reason to root for something, instead of what we're going to have to do next week.  

Baseball over Democracy?  You bet your ass.

Go Cubbies. 


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