Bare Bones Self Help

It's really easy to read all these so-called self-help books and get lost in the nuances of how they say things, or the personalities saying them.  Let's face it, some of these folks are pretty shiny, and one or two of them work really hard to get you caught up in the ball of energy they generate all by themselves.  Don't get lost in the hype.  

There are three things that anyone can do to immediately improve their daily life.  Practice on this is vital, but once you can work this into your daily life, the benefits are amazing. 

First, focus on the now and the real, everything else is bullshit.
Second, focus on the next right action you need to take and do that.
Third, know what you have no control over, and let that shit go.  

I'm not gonna lie to you, this is hard.  Nothing worth having in your life is easy.  But I promise you that your daily life will be that much more awesome once you realize that a couple things:

Your brain finds things to think about when you're not focused.  It drags stuff up that you haven't thought about in ages.  It's replaying your tape of your perception of what happened.  Over time, that perception changes.  It's not real.  It's not now.  The best thing you can do is realize your brain is looking for something that isn't in this moment and return to right now.  I usually look at something in the room and describe it's properties to myself.  It helps me come back to right now and push the memory tape out of my head.  I do the same thing when I find I'm worrying about a future event.  

Next, it's really easy to fuck up your day if you don't have a plan.  It's also really easy to fuck up your life if you don't have an internal compass.  What is the next right thing to do?  What's the next step?  Do that.  

Lastly, I used to be the guy that yelled in traffic.  When it rained on a day that I had something planned.  When someone who is responsible for checking my work comes back with a lot of notes.  I can't control these things.  I never could.  So why am I getting all worked up over these things.  I might as well just get on with it.  Listen to the radio.  Find something else to do.  Improve my work.   This is the thing that will end up giving you a stroke if you let it.  So just breathe and get on with it.  

If you want to do something with that money you were going to spend on the latest new self-help book, spend it on a Creative Live class, or something on Lynda.  Learn something that furthers your long term plans.  That’s something that will help you much more in the future than another 25 bucks on another book that says the same old thing. 


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