An Unsolicited Opinion

Some unsolicited thoughts about the Alton Sterling and Philando Castile police shootings, as well as the Dallas sniper shootings. 

You know, I'm probably the whitest guy you know, but I'm going to tell you that the fact that I know I'm helplessly caucasian also lets me know that I will never know what it's like to be perceived as a threat for no discernible reason. I'm not getting stopped for bullshit.  I'm not getting popped for standing around selling CDs.  I say all of this to say I understand that I can't take off my white privilege, and there's no way I can speak to this without occasionally coming across as condescending or clueless.   

So, I'm going to speak to this the only way I know how, and in no way am I trying to belittle the race component of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile when I say this:  This is a basic violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and as such it is a human rights issue.  

So when Tamir Rice happens, or Freddie Gray, or Alton Sterling, or Philando Castile, or the list of names that becomes too emotionally exhausting to list here happens, and there are no consequences, and it continues to happen with no consequences, and the lest gets longer and longer and longer...

...we have to come to the terms with the fact that as a collective, we're either nice and comfy with stepping on the necks of people, or we're not. 

I'm not ok with that.   None of us should be. 

This is what I'm OK with.   We all should be.   

Kris Roley

Virginia Beach, VA, 23453