Adobe v Apple: Dump The Prosumer

In 2009, I reached the point that I wanted to punt a Gateway laptop with Windows Vista through a window.  I decided to cross the line and bought a Mac.  As a podcaster, I had played with GarageBand and found its support for Podcasting beyond compare with anything else on the market at that point.  

Much has changed. 

It started not long after that initial Mac purchase, when Apple started 'improving' their pro apps to better serve the consumer market as well.  These 'prosumer' apps were a hybrid of some of the functions that professionals used, along with the simplicity of an app for new Apple consumers.  As a result, no one was served ably.   In fact, as the 'upgrades' continued, a new version of GarageBand came along with no podcast support at all.  I still use the old version, though that leaves me without the use of new beats, loops, and sound effects that come with the new version.

Lately though, with my new job, I have rediscovered the Adobe Creative Suite of applications, and now I have no idea why I ever stopped using them.  They are unapologetically for the professional, they are platform agnostic, and I find them remarkably easy to use for the most part. 

Not that I'm considering going back to Windows mind you,  but Adobe allows me to work on Mac or PC with little to no difference.  There's no learning curve as far as I'm concerned, and I'm getting amazing and professional work done, both audio and visual.

Until Apple gets with the program with their pro apps (I don't that's coming for a while, sadly), get with Adobe.  They get it. 

Kris Roley

Virginia Beach, VA, 23453