A Typical Saturday These Days

After about a month of letting a bunch of stuff go, I decided to go visit the boy first thing Saturday morning, and then dedicate the day to catching up on a lot of stuff.  No matter how exhausted you get trying to take care of a massively sick relative, the world keeps turning.  Days like these, what keeps me going is my mantra of “What’s Next” just in a more practical way.  I may not have the creative clarity, but the real world clarity is still in deep focus.  

My physical inbox was starting to gather Sherpas, so that was first on my list.  
After that, since my daughter was able to transfer the written weekly grocery list to one in the Apple Reminders App, I was able to take care of the week’s grocery shopping using Walmart Grocery.  Laugh all you want, but what used to take over an hour is now less than half that.  We take a trip to Sam’s Club for the big stuff, and what used to take me two to three hours now takes me 1 in total.  That’s two hours back in my bank for other things.  

I scheduled 15 minutes for writing, and that’s this business right here.  Frankly, if I get nothing else done today, this is more than enough from a creativity standpoint.  I held up my end of the bargain; I didn’t break the chain today. 

As I’m writing this, I have a load of laundry that had more Sherpas than my Inbox.  That’s a two or three load business right there, so that will take a little while.  I can accomplish other things in the meantime. 

My top dresser drawer needs to be declared a Superfund site by the EPA.  Since I don’t think they’re in the business of looking after the environment lately, I guess that’s up to me as well. That will take at leas half an hour.  I’m going in there with a culling mood, and an eye towards consolidating a lot of my daily carry stuff in one place.  

I’m going to dedicate at least one hour to engaging on social media.  Today is all about finding the relevant keywords on Twitter, FB, and Instagram to create engagement for the site and the podcast.  Not to shill, but to start engagement.  Giving.  Teaching.  Networking.  

Finally, I’m continuing the culling of the crap in my studio.  I’m hoping to have all of this stuff out of the way in the next two or three weeks so I can paint the walls, get my desk and lighting,  and start assembling the layout I have in my head.  There’s a lot in here, so this is a week to week thing right now.  

We had to run and get Migs a white collared shirt, she was working crew for the Ocean Lakes talent show, and she had a call time of 5pm.  I dropped her off, grabbed Kim from work at 6pm, listed Devin until about 815pm, and then went to grab Migs from the show at 915pm.   Drove home, and fell on the bed.  

That’s a lot to fit in a day, to be honest, but I do.  With a shoehorn.