276: Pop Up Vidiot

First, a shameless plug for the most awesome place I’ve ever been to, and if you’re at all interested in a creative job, you need to check this place out.

If you have to put the man on TV, then it’s the obligation of the people covering him to fact check him…as well as the response.

The past 24 hours in Professional Wrestling have gone from possibly the worst show on TV right now (except for a beautiful tribute to a legend) and the announcement of something new that is going to change pro wrestling for the first time in 20 years.

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274: Zen Stoic A'Hole

Back to work after a week off. Spent some of it behind a camera, some of it under a paint brush.

Some politics talk, I see that Uncle Joe is thinking about making a run. I'm all for this, under one condition. A little rant about the Twitterverse not having any damn sense about this on the side.

Finally, a book recommendation...or rather a few of them on the same topic. I recently gifted one of these books to a dear friend, and of all the idiot books I've read over the past two years or so, this one--or rather the subject of this particular set of them--I found fascinating. You should read these.

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Universe In A Box

We all have this moment when we're locked in the box with the Universe. We go in with the person we think we are, and the box shows us who we really are. No one comes out of the box the same. Some don't come out at all.

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