LINK: First Person Simplifier

Boing Boing:

After years of buzz, the USC Game Innovation Lab finally released Walden: The Game earlier this month, allowing players to immerse themselves in a six-hour experience in which they play Henry David Thoreau on his gripping quest for solitude and mental clarity.

You can either play in a task-oriented way, building your cabin and foraging for foodstuffs, or you can explore the detailed environment.

As someone who's literally burned through seven copies of Walden, I'm totally into this.  

LINK: On Depression: The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Byrne Reese/Medium

Despite departing on good terms with my former employer, this event caught me by surprise, and when combined with other factors in my personal life, not to mention the anxiety I now constantly feel for our country, and our planet, it was for me unbearable.
For the first time in my life
I understood what depression feels like. I told my step-father this, a man who has struggled with depression for much of his life. When I told him of the darkness, of the powerful sense of self-doubt, and most of all the fear, he shared something with me that was profoundly meaningful to me.

As someone who has dealt with a crippling depression 10 years ago, I wish I had this advice.  This is powerful knowledge.  If you or someone you know needs this advice, please read and share it.  Most of all, don't try to face it alone.  Get help.