The Little Things

One of the little things that happen during a day is the small talk we hit people with in the hallways or coming in and out of the men's room.  "How ya doin'?" 

There's usually a grunt or some boilerplate, we count that against our quota of human interaction for the day, and we decide we adulted today.  I think that's how it's supposed to wor.

It doesn't work like that. 

We don't need to know about your recent surgery or how your bodily functions aren't occurring to your liking, but these questions don't have to be dismissed superficially.  Answer them thoughtfully.  

That's not adulting, that's humaning.  That's mastering.  

How you do the little things is how you do the big things.  



Bare Bones Self Help

It's really easy to read all these so-called self-help books and get lost in the nuances of how they say things, or the personalities saying them.  Let's face it, some of these folks are pretty shiny, and one or two of them work really hard to get you caught up in the ball of energy they generate all by themselves.  Don't get lost in the hype.  

Cult of Mac is Kind of Wrong about the iPad and iOS 11

 Cult of Mac

          Specifically, the iOS 11 update for the iPad, which turns the iPad from little more than a big iPhone into a full-featured touch-screen PC. In one go, Apple showed that it is still full-steam behind the iPad, and that a desktop-class touchscreen computer doesn’t have to actually run a desktop OS, like Microsoft’s Surface.


Granted, there are a lot of people that use the iPad as their primary computer, but I suspect those people are majority consumers of content.  Creators (specifically of podcasts and videos) would like to use something professional , which means Adobe Creative Apps like Premiere and Audition.    

Solve this and a lot more, and I'll replace my iPad mini.   

Roley 6/11/2017: Zero To NaNoWriMo In Never

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a zillion ideas in your head, but the trouble is getting it out of your head and on paper.  That transition is the most painful experience, because not only do you not know how to start, you’re also fighting that monster that thinks that nothing you have inside you is worth anything, nobody will like it, and then there’s it’s twin brother, the monster that fights you bringing what’s inside you to the physical world.  It tells you there’s a Pay Per view on, and shouldn’t you be hosing down the cat or something?  That’s why your brain hates every single time you sit down to write, and you sit there staring at a clean white screen. Worse yet, you may have even had a sentence or two on there that you’ve deleted a million times because you (or the monsters) hate it. 

Then you get discouraged because everything you try to write sucks and walk away.  What a waste. 

The Game Is Not An Excuse

We have a choice.

We can watch The Game, or we can take another step towards the person we want to be.  Whether that's reading, educating ourselves, making another step towards completing that little pet project you have, whatever.  It really doesn't matter.  

What matters is that you have that choice.

I'm not saying that The Game is a bad idea.  I watch The Game too every now and then.   I'm just saying that if you're watching The Game, you can't do the other thing.  

So, which choice are you making? 



What's Kris Listening To This Week?

Some new music I'm listening to this week.  All album links are to Apple Music since that's the service I use.  

Bleachers -- Gone Now

Katy Perry -- Witness (Hey, I like Katy Perry.  Sue me.)

Rise Against -- Wolves

Various Artists -- American Gods Soundtrack

This week's Audible selection is Real Artists Don't Starve by Jeff Goins

...and my podcast selection for this week is a new favorite that starts my day.  Up First from the folks that make NPR's Morning Edition.  A nice 10-15 newscast in the morning that isn't people shouting at each other.  


Don't Be A Control Freak

If you want to make the single biggest improvement in your life possible, here it is in a nutshell:

Figure out the difference between what you're able to control, and what you can't control. Then, don't stress out over what you can't control. 

That's it.   

Otherwise, you're the idiot screaming at a steering wheel on the verge of a stroke while you and everyone else around you wait in a 4 lane traffic jam.   That's fighting a battle you can't win.

I can't lie to you, this took me forever to learn, and I still have my bad days.  They're increasingly few and far between.  However, where's what I've learned: Once I started reaping the benefits of not sweating the stuff I can't do anything about, my life got a whole lot better.  Not just a little bit better, not just a minor improvement.  There is a huge difference in my stress level and my general happiness. 

Figure this out, you're well on your way to winning whatever battles you have to fight. 

The Cutest Thing Ever

The stuff you run into when shooting on location...

Seriously, I was surprised at how chill this little one was.  For those wondering, Animal Control went back to the golf course and deposited our friend here about where they thought Mom was, so everything should be good. 

But really, this is the cutest thing ever.