RoleyShow 9/21: About Effectiveness

On today's podcast, let's talk a little about effectiveness.  I define effectiveness as your ability to Get. Shit. Done.   I'm not really talking about workrate, which is how much shit you can turn out, but rather HOW you work.  HOW you work is actually more important than how much you work.  

It's taken me literally FOREVER to figure that last part out, because of how I was raised and what I have always believed. 

ROLEYSHOW 9/19: About Focus

Today, I want to talk to you about focus.  For the purposes of this talk, let's define Focus as the things in your life that has your attention.  Those things that have a priority, although I will say it's not always something that you have placed in priority, but circumstances might have.  It may also be things that you have placed in priority because other things in your life that NEED to have a priority scare you.