What's Stopping You?

So, what's stopping you from making a change for the positive? Scared of being out of your comfort zone? Afraid of working hard? Fear of failure? Welcome to the ball game, friends. You'll have those thoughts and a heck of a lot more. You might not think you're an expert on a subject, You might not think you have enough time in the day.

These are all real things to work through, but there are things you can do. Things you must do, and believe me if you want this bad enough, things you will do if you want to make progress towards realizing your dreams.

You'll make time for what you want, even if it's getting up before the ass-crack of dawn to make sure you get the time in. Maybe you'll stay up later than common (or any other kind of) sense would dictate. You'll lose the chronic complainers and serial drama queens out of your life. You will find an accountability partner to support you, and kick you square in the ass if necessary. You'll create the space where you will take at least one action every day towards your dream.


Whatever you do, stop making excuses as to why you can't do something, and try to think of the reasons as to why you should.