The Funny

For the first time in about two years, I'm feeling the urge to just open the firehose and see what comes out.  That's blog posts, that's podcasts, that's video, pretty much everything I have at my disposal. 

I credit the project that Ive been working on since the beginning of July with this, it's returned me back to the things I love to do.  The fact that I've been doing for my paycheck for the last four months has something to do with it, but it also marks the first time in about ten years that i've had any kind of job satisfaction. 

My team, also, is a tight group of people that I feel totally comfortable with.  A great bunch of folks that seem to get where I'm coming from.    

The end result is that the imp of the peverse in the back of my head is awake again, and ready to make a little mischief.  

I hope you enjoy the ensuing trainwreck.  


Kris Roley