The Bell

I just watched Chelsea give up an unneccessary goal.  Why?  With thirty seconds to the half, they decided to phone it in during stoppage time.  Liverpool scored as a result to even the score 1-1 going into the half.  A completely preventable goal.

I see kids and adults in races stop and walk the last fifty yards all the time.  Well, they made it THIS far hustling, and we can see the finish line, let's just coast in from here.  We did MOST of the work, right? 

I know people that I have worked with that once they know they're going to make goal, they stop trying to meet or exceed goal for the rest of the period.  Hey, there's no reason to bust ass at this point, right?  I mean, we met expectations, what else do I need to do? 

You bust ass until the bell rings.  That's what is going to separate you from the other 95 percent.  

We dont 'meet expectations' because we know that 'meet expectations' is the Participation Medal of business.  You meet expectations by showing up and having a pulse.

You exceed expectations because expectations are there to be detonated.  Nuked.  Destroyed.

Take some Goddamn pride in your work, and hit it strong from bell to bell.  

Kris Roley