Stop Doing This Now

A companion post to my previous one, this is a list of the habits we need to stop. Again, like the previous post, this is not an exhaustive list, but something to start considering. Baby steps, add your own steps, and tell me if something I haven’t added here works for you.

  1. Stop comparing what you do (or what you are) to anyone else. They’re not you.
  2. Stop waiting until the time is right to start getting healthy in mind, body, and spirit.
  3. Stop dwelling on things that have already happened. They happened. Get on with it.
  4. Stop keeping drama around. That includes people.
  5. Stop putting up with dishonesty.
  6. Stop dealing with negativity, both internal and external.
  7. Stop living anywhere but right here, right now.
  8. Stop wasting time. Start.
  9. Stop holding grudges
  10. Stop making or accepting excuses.
  11. Stop worrying about what someone thinks of you.
  12. Stop stressing about money.
  13. Stop thinking you have to do everything.
  14. Stop hating yourself.
  15. Stop complaining and start solving.