Some Good Habits To Work On

The good habits we should be cultivating right now? A simple list for you to consider. It’s not by any means exhaustive, but taking some baby steps in this direction will help you. They’ve helped me.

  1. Make your list of stuff to do tomorrow TONIGHT.
  2. Take some of that relaxation time to learn something.
  3. Learn from your mistakes rather than dwell on them
  4. Put the fucking phone(tablet, laptop, etc.) away.
  5. Don’t worry that it won’t be perfect.
  6. Carry a pen and a notebook everywhere.
  7. Social Media is not a place to advertise what a nice person you are. You don’t have to tell everyone about your good deeds. You know, and that’s enough.
  8. Be the person no one can outwork.
  9. Negativity is junk food for the soul. Cut it out.
  10. Try reading a book for the hour you’d otherwise spend watching reality TV.
  11. Remember the finish line is when you stop. Not before.