Should I Keep A Diary?

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve tried to be consistent in my blogging and writing. I have been rather fortunate to have been able to stay consistent for a few months now, in that I’ve managed to put out about three posts a week. I’ve written many thousands of words now for you.

Where I have trouble is writing words for me. I’ve never kept a diary or a journal of any kind, and yet I think that’s something I need to be getting into.

I had a friend describe the keeping a journal this way: Keeping a journal keeps the things that happen in your life in context.

As I continue this path I’m on, I think it might be important to process this somewhere other than my blog, because frankly some of what I’m going through isn’t for broadcast. It might help me figure out where I am in the bigger picture. It may help me take notes, ask better questions. and remember important lessons on what I’ve done.

Do you keep a diary? Analog or an app? How does it help you?