Shaky Vision

A lot of folks who style themselves as 'gurus' tell you to do this one thing that I find shallow. It has to do with the making of a 'vision board'. I first read about it in a book I have called Creative Visualization, but its been made more popular by The Secret. To gloss over it at a very high level, make a board with all the things in your life you wish to attain, and... ...and what, exactly?

Do you really want to know why I dont like this? Because it's the end of the process before you've even begun. More than that, it's a visual representation of material goals. Sure you can put a nice picture of that happy smiling family having a picnic right there on your board, but it's right next to that BMW 3 Series you've wanted since the age of 15.

It's the same reason I never took Pinterest seriously. It's an electronic vision board. It's our wants. It says nothing about what it takes to GET to our wants.

Want to make something that works? It has nothing to do with vision. It has everything to do with Action.

What are you willing to DO to get that smiling family having a picnic? OK, OK, I'll even throw in the 3 Series.

It's great to want things. Show me what you'll do to move towards it. Otherwise, that picnic and that car will do nothing but sit pinned to your wall.

If there is such a thing as an 'Action board', I'd sooner see people do that instead.

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