RoleyShow Episode 16: You Had Me At Unicorn


Mobile cast using the Auphonic app. Holy crap, this sounds like buttah. Sparkly buttah eaten and sharted by a unicorn who spent the afternoon froclicking with kittens. I may be overstating this. AppleCare Update: Not battery, is software. something is making a call that activates the cell chip, or the GPS, or something. Phone heats up, battery drains like a bastard. But the battery hardware itself is fine. So, it’s software. Research has me turning off cell data, and removing Facebook from phone. Those two things have apparent issues. My battery issues have improved a *little*. That leaves it a problem with the OS. So we wait for an update. In the meantime, I have a thread in the Apple Support community for you to consider. Most of these people just go there to complain, I know, but it does support the idea that there’s more than just me with this issue.


Thinking about getting a solution that has both iPad and iPhone charging dock, but I want to find a good quality one for the desk. I’ll move the cradle up to my dresser, and that frees up some charging cables for car and carry in bag.

Feed back about Patreon comes from Mari, who uses it for her Mixed arts business. I’ll have a link in the show notes for her Facebook page. Also, she appeared on a recent episode of the Patreon Podcast, which I will also link. She will have you at the word Unicorn. Just trust me on this.

Karaoke Club! Next Sunday. I LOVE KARAOKE CLUB. I get to blow off a little steam, I get to prove to myself that I can actually sing somewhere other than my car, and I get to hang out with a great group of friends. Seriously, these guys are awesome. I know what Im going to sing next Sunday. I think so, and Im going to kill it. I hope. It depends upon my appetite. YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE PRO TIP OF THE RANDOM TIMEFRAME: We’re here to help you. Especially Tech Support. It’s hard to do the job when you think you know enough to get ahead of us and be dangerous. REPS: Take the time to explain where you’re headed BEFORE YOU START, and ask politely that the customer stay with you, and it goes a long way.

BENGHAZI FRIDAY DUMP: No wrongdoing by Admin in Benghazi. Great job slipping that in when no one was paying attention. I assume Fox Fucking News will jump right on…no? I’ve posted a link in the notes, so that you can use that knowledge the next time someone uses the magic word, or goes on at length about it. There was never any there there, and that needs to be shouted as loudly as possible back at these idiots that find a conspiracy behind every goddamn rock. It was nothing more than a political stunt to make hay over the death of great Americans, and they should be shamed.



  • Obama authorizes targeted airstrikes in Iraq
  • 24-Hour Comics Day with 757 Comic & Cartoon Creators
  • Steal the Pint and Beach Party
  • House panel: No administration wrongdoing in Benghazi
  • Kenu Airframe - Portable Smartphone Car Mount
  • Belkin Charge and Sync Dock with Lightning Cable Connector for iPhone 5 / 5S / 5c and iPod touch 5th Generation (Silver)