Pearls of Wisdom: Show, Don't Tell

A Pearl of Wisdom courtesy of a recent project from work...

“In order to do the work, you need to be able to SHOW the work."

I’ve been a podcaster for years.  Previous to that, a radio guy. I have very little in the way of stuff from my radio career, I never thought I would ever get back into the business (Update: I won’t ever get back into the business). Podcasting is a bit more liberating with the rules, so when I say I take as full advantage of that as you might think, you may correctly assume that this is most apparent in the language I use.

That’s a nice way of saying “I say fuck a lot."

When the opportunity came up recently for me to be in a project for my day job, a request was made for some of my work. This was a challenge, because as I may have mentioned, I SAY FUCK A LOT. Luckily, I was able to find some old demos for WYRD 101 that we made back in 2010 during a time when we were going to barter the show to program directors.

So, here’s a lesson learned. Keep a portfolio of your best NON OFFENSIVE WORK. If you ever have an opportunity drop into your lap, you’ll be ready.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a portfolio to create.