Pearls of Wisdom: Random Factor

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom comes from my father in law, Kelly...

“The most feared of all the gods is this real motherfucker named Random Factor"

He is absolutely right. How many goals and ambitions—how many lives—have been utterly fucked by this beast?

What if you were…well, not completely ready for Random Factor to make an appearance, but more ready to deal with him when he does? Wouldn’t that be awesome?

The first thing you have to realize is that Random Factor is not some beast who comes along just to fuck up your life. He’s a tool to help you learn HOW TO DEAL WITH HIM.

How you deal with him is by not taking him on. He’s blocking the path you were just on. You have to go around him. So you got the chicken pox at the age of 35, and you can’t go to work for a week. Read a book, take an online course if you feel up to it. Spend some time writing blog posts that need to get written. Clean something.