Lifestyle Design on A Dime

There are a lot of bloggers and podcasters that put a lot of stock into lifestyle design.  Some them even charge a cubic ass ton of money to help you design your life.  When I say a cubic ass ton, I mean thousands of dollars.  

What do these folks charge thousands of dollars to do?  Help you take control of your life and put it into something that you can recognize as--and this is a technical term--A LIFE. 

Now, in their defense, this industry wouldn't exist if we didn't put so much stock in the genre of 'self help'.  incidentally, do you know what they call 'self help' that works?  

They call it 'help'.

Are we so totally bereft of direction or any kind of compass that we need to pay someone a small fortune to help us figure out what we ought to know in the first place?

Think about it.  This isn't hard.

Where these folks really make their bones is in convincing a certain set of people that they have a unique talent.  That's patently true; everyone has something they do better than anyone else.  A certain subset of these folks are really good at separating directionless fools from their money. 

Slick as they are, we need to avoid these people like they had a new and particularly virulent social disease.  

What we need is a barefoot budget version of how to amalgamate our feces.  

Stay Tuned. 




Kris Roley