Lawyers, Guns, And Money

The Intercept:

Behind closed doors, speaking with investors and Wall Street analysts, the gun industry views mass shootings as an opportunity to make lots of money.
Ordinary people are despairing about the frequency of tragic events like the murderous rampage in San Bernardino on Wednesday, or the Planned Parenthood massacre last week. And the cycle of mass killing, media frenzy, and political stalemate starts anew each time.
But meanwhile, gun sales continue to break records, a fact that has not gone ignored by financial analysts.

There's money in killing.  Color me shocked. 

Money is THE problem with this.  The NRA, which boasts 4.5 million members,  gets a donation for every gun bought in this country.  That money is being used to stop any kind of--let's call it what it is--reason. 

The cost of a membership in the NRA ranges from 35.00 to 1000.00.  They'll help you with that last one, though.  You can pay it off at 25 bucks a quarter for 40 payments.  That's 8.33 a month. 

8.33 a month is the cost for the NRA to send their city blocks of lawyers and assorted carnival freaks to defend the right of some insane bastard to commit another atrocity. 

I wonder if it's also the cost to fuck up the bell curve over at NRA HQ?  Asking for a friend. 



Kris Roley