Keep Calm and Deal

A simple lesson that takes a long time to learn.  You have two ways to handle situations.  You can fly off the handle and overreact, or you can remain calm and deal with what is.  

My lizard brain is so used to handle things the first way, that it takes effort in order to take the latter route.  What I can tell you though, is that the effort to remain calm is worth it.  Also, it's like training a muscle.  It takes discipline and form.  

It also takes discpline, form, and consistency to train your friends and relations.  I have many friends from years ago that still believe the Emperor is wearing the same suit he used to.  

Simply put, he doesn't.   However, just telling someone that does not mean they automatically believe it.  There's a lot of time and patience involved.  Some people will never get it, and you have to let them be who they are, and get on with your business.  

If you can look at yourself in the mirror and truly believe that you did what you said, and are comfortable in this new skin you've made for yourself, that is all that matters.  

For my part, I'm getting better at sharing what I think is important with the people that need to hear it, but not flying off the handle about it.  Some people in my life have yet to come around fully, but they're getting there.  

In the end, its in keeping with my promise to myself of a year without bullshit.  and I find I'm sleeping much better at night.