It’s A Podcast, Not Rocket Science

First things first: What’s a Podcast? 

It’s a piece of digital media that you’ve made for others to see or hear, that they can subscribe to.  

That’s it.  Audio, Video, Other…if it’s digital media that has a place where people can subscribe to it and have it pushed to them, it’s a podcast. 

Doesn’t matter where they get it, either.  You know as well as I that most media is consumed on smartphones or connected devices now.  Sure, it can sill be consumed on the ‘big trucks’ (laptop, desktop), but as long as it’s easy for people to get to, easy to download, easy to consume, that’s the point.  

So, what we do as podcasters is make interesting content for people to consume in the most convenient manner for them.  Here’s the neat thing about podcasting, though: You don’t need a multi million dollar setup in order to get your point out to anyone.  In a lot of cases, you just need the same thing that your audience has: A smartphone. 

“But Kris,”  I hear you saying,  “There are people out there charging thousands of dollars to share this knowledge, and you’re telling me that anyone can do it on the cheap?”  

Yup.  I’m not disparaging those folks either.  They’ve made a very successful business for themselves teaching people a complete process from A-Z or One to Done on the conceptualization of a podcast idea, all the way through release and promotion.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  

However, I’m a pirate, and I believe this information should be free.  So...

What we’re going to do here is give you the same knowledge that others are charging you thousands of dollars for, in an easy to consume format, for the whopping cost of nada. 

And first, I’m going to tell you how easy this is.  Remember I mentioned you don’t need a multi million dollar setup, all you need is a smartphone?  That’s right.  You see, I believe it is not about the production, or the quality, it’s about the content.  If you have something to say, you already have the means to say it.  You can use something as simple as the voice memo function on your smartphone to record, and the convert that to an mp3 file when you get home.  

I grant you that it won’t be the best sounding quality podcast in the world, but it gets the job done.  Sometimes that’s all you need; I produced a podcast from my car on the way home for years called The Dashcast (later called the Pungo PT Podcast), which was nothing more than me recording using the voice memo function on a Creative Zen MP3 Player prior to about 2005, later on, I used a Blackberry.  

It’s not rocket science.  in this case, it’s just audio recording.  

I suggest, however, with the advent of new and affordable smartphone recording hardware and software, that you invest a small amount in a mic and an app, like the iRig Mic Cast: (affiliate link)

Trust me when I tell you that out of the literally hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there on the internet today, there are thousands that sound worse than yours ever will using just this tech right here.  

HOMEWORK: Find the voice memo function on your smartphone or other device, and record your daily thoughts.  This isn’t for release anywhere, just to get into the habit of recording.  Don’t worry about the filler words or the mums and has, we’ll get to that.  Just work on creating the habit of recording.  It can be on your commute, or your lunch hour, anywhere.  Just make sure it’s a private time with you, or you and your partner or friend, whatever suits you.  You don’t even have to talk about anything specific, or for any specific length of time.  To be fair, though, the longer you can go about something, the better it will be for you.  For now, though, even if it’s just 30 seconds, try to get into the habit.  Just talk.  

Sail on. 

Kris Roley