Get Up In Their Earholes

When it comes to podcasting, here’s something I want you to think about. Really weigh this, friends. Media is NOT a zero sum game anymore. It used to be. Back in the day when we had three networks, a couple of UHF stations and PBS. You had to choose what you wanted to watch, and if there were two separate things you wanted to watch on at the same time, you had to make a decision. Something lost. We don’t live in that age anymore. There are hundreds of channels and almost as many ways to consume that content now or later. DVRs, Torrents, External Hard drives, The Cloud, Tablets, Smartphones, Set Top Boxes There’s literally no reason you have to miss anything you want to see or hear. For that reason, no one is missing anything they want to see or hear, if they choose to see or hear YOU. THAT is the beauty of this ‘post appointment watching/hearing’ world we live in.

But when it comes to audio podcasting, I want to suggest to you that it is the ultimate intimate experience you can think of in terms of media. You know who understood this? Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Every twenty weeks or so between 1933 and 1944, FDR gave a series of radio interviews that got more of an audience than any show you could think of during the Golden Age of Radio. These Fireside Chats, as they came to be called, were designed to be informal addresses by FDR to assure the country to have a little faith. Families literally surrounded the radio in the living room and listened to the President reassure the country, let them know what was going on, and what he was doing to try and fix it. Remember, this started during the greatest financial disaster the country has ever had, and transitioned over the years to reassure the country during World War II. It was an informal, but intimate thing.

However, you have even just a little better. You’re closer than the living room. You’re in their car for a commute. You’re in their phones. You’re in their EARHOLES. You don’t get more intimate than being right in their earholes. And they’re not missing out on something else they might be doing. They’re driving to work, walking the dog, working out, whatever.

Seriously, how cool is that?

You have a unique opportunity to connect with these people in a way American Idol just can’t. If you can make that personal connection, they’ll come on board, and they’ll be a crew member for life.

So, what is stopping you from being all up in their earholes?