Every Day A Thing

We’ve talked about how multitasking is not a thing. It’s not only not possible, it’s not healthy for you or your career to continue thinking you can. Multitasking can cause distractions, or even worse, multitasking IS a distraction from the task at hand. It can make you lose focus on the thing you really ought to be doing. One way to help combat this is to give each day a theme so that you know what you ought to be doing, or to give you an anchor task to return to in case you get distracted. Here’s what I do. In my calendar, in the ‘All Day Section” I put in a theme for the day. For example, Monday is for calls. If I have any calls I need to make, it’s a good bet that anyone I need to talk to will be in the office on Monday Morning, so I schedule those calls for Monday Morning, and then make my next actions based on those calls from there, mark them as completed, or note what the next action is as a result of the conversation. I have another day of the week for appointments. I have yet another for ShowPrep, and I have another for Learning and Development.

When I get derailed, which I invariably do, I can pull up my calendar and figure out what the one thing I need to do to get further along is. Figuring out that next important step and doing it is vital, if for any other reason you’ll get back on the train, and if you stay on task, you may find that some of the steps get eradicated as a result of staying on task. Not just NEXT step, but something you though you might have to do that resolves itself because you stayed on target.

That’s the benefit of single tasking until completion. SO stay on it, man!

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