Don't Take It With You

Every once in a while, I see a link in my RSS reader that steams me so much I have to say something about it. This link comes from Lifehacker, which gives you the handy tip to take a brief look at your work email on a Sunday night to get a jump on the work week, and to ease into a new week.


The reason they give is simple enough: If you’re overwhelmed on Monday mornings, logging into your email on Sunday nights gives you an opportunity to triage, and come up with a game plan. That’s all well and good, but why on Earth would you allow your work life and your home life to overlap in that way?

When you’re home, think about home.  When you’re at work, think about work.  Don’t mix the two. Ever.

For a certain type of person (I freely admit to being one such person), taking a ‘quick peek’ at your work on Sunday night can very quickly become Sunday afternoon, and then Sunday afternoon means you can start solving problems on Sunday Afternoon, and then pretty soon, you’re adding in a sixth day of work.  Believe me, I know, I did this.  Back in the late Nineties, when I thought being a workaholic was the only way to get ahead, I ended up putting time in at the office seven days a week. I lost a lot of time that could have been better spent with my family.  I’ll never get that back.

Want to get ahead in business, that’s fine.  Don’t do it at the expense of your family.  Don’t bring your work home, and if you find you are working a job where they start insisting that you do, then it’s time to find a job elsewhere that understands that family time trumps TPS covers on Saturdays.

Or, go be a pirate.  That’s also a thing...

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