DISPATCH: September 20, 2015

This is one of those Circle of Life things.  Ten Years ago this week was the week that changed my life.  I've talked about this in sickening detail, I won't go into it here.   What I don't say enough about that time is that I absolutely wouldn't have seen daylight again without a group of friends who wwent out of their way to cheer me up and keep me from going off the rails.  Make no mistake, I was completely falling apart.   Because of Mari, Piller, Bill, Kellie, and Elmer,  I got the help and support I needed at that time to get my shit together.

So here's the deal, when you get a chance to pay that kind of thing forward, you don't even give it a second thought.   I got a chance to do that this week for a person I consider to be a good friend going through a rough time.   It was my pleasure to do this, but here's a bigger point I want to make:  As I sat at a table for six and looked around at my tablemates, it affirmed for me that these experiences are the glue that holds a good life together.

My friend will be alright, because we will see her through.   I also know that she is the kind of person that will pay it forward as well.  However, my guess is that she is the kind of person that already has in one way or another.


I am woefully behind on writing and recording right now.  I need to get back on the wagon here, but my schedule is so out of whack at the moment, and I compete with so much in the way of clear time in my office that I may have to look for alternate solutions to recording.  I'm seriously thinking about using the mobile studio and recording in the car.  Think about it:  There's enough in the way of sound dampening that it's almost a perfect recording booth.  I may try that for the weekly podcast as an experiement.  If that works, then I may have a 'during the week' solution that gives me some margin.


Exactly what is wrong with the parliamentary form of government that it wouldn't work here?  Leave the Constitution out of this argument; we know what it says.
Come to that, explain to me what's wrong with Socialism?  I'm being serious, and MURICA is not the answer I'm looking for.  Looking beyond Ad Hominem and the given talking points that we are wont to spead like so much fertilizer.


Unpopular and cynical opinion:  Ahmed drew the foul.   I'm damn glad he did, but he did draw the foul.  Before you go off on me, understand that Ghandi drew the foul, Mandela drew the foul, MLK drew the foul, and we are the better for it.  I'm saying he did the right thing, but make no mistake, he knew exactly what he was doing.   Memo to the school district and the cops:  when the student plays you like a Stradivarius, you're worse than a bigot, you're also very bad at your jobs.

Let me make up for that cynical and unpopular opinion by throwing out a more widely accepted one:  Please stop paying attention to the Palin family?  They have a right to their opinion, and I might actually listen to it if it wasn't all batshit word salad.  I might also listen to it if they practiced  a single molecule of what they preach.  But they don't, so...


I am so done with American Football.  I'm also pretty much done with baseball other than my local Triple A team.   You know what, America?  I can watch my beloved beautiful game every weekend of the year, because MLS plays the opposite schedule than the Premiership.  There's also the USMNT games, as we're in qualifiers for the next World Cup.  I can watch soccer, All. Year. Round.  Every weekend.  Forever.

Try not to hate.

That's it from The Cove.   Sail on...

Kris Roley