Custom Settings

We tend to live out our lives in some kind of default mode.  Some of us have a circle of friends that we met from work, and that's who we hang out with.  We work in a chosen field because that was the job we could get when we first entered the workforce.  We live in a place because that's where we live and we're nervous about moving somewhere else.  Our days have even been programmed into some neat and orderly schedule because that's 'how we like to do things'. 

Yet we all think something is wrong, don't we? 

We seek self help books, and go to lifestyle seminars, and buy new clothes (computer/car/life changing gadget), and yet we still feel the same, because we change everything but the four basic things we think we CAN'T change: Where we live, who we're friends with, what we do, and where we work.   We still run in default mode. 

The defaults can be changed.  



Kris Roley