Channel You

Let’s start with the obvious:  The saying “If you build it, they will come,” is a line from a work of fiction, and should be treated as such. To wit, the only idiot that believes that line to be true is the character Kevin Costner played.  No one else should even consider it. They do not come if you build it.  No one has their radar out waiting for you to build anything, ever.   Back in the early days of podcasting, it MIGHT have been possible, but consider this:  THAT WAS 10 YEARS AGO, that easy spot got taken by a smarter guy than us, and that smarter guy may not even be working it anymore, but since his content has been there forever, yeah, ok, they came to him.  But NOT you.  We’re late to the party, and the easy eyeballs and ears are long gone.

So, unlike the first idiot, you and I need to work at it.  How are you and I going to be different from person A back in 2005?  We’re going to be different.  We’re going to be compelling.  We’re going to realize that our podcast isn’t a podcast.  We’re going to realize that it’s a platform.  It’s part of Channel You, and really, there has to be more than just a Podcast on Channel You if you want to be successful.  We’re talking social media, we’re talking a blog, we’re possibly talking about products that you’ve made, though it doesn’t have to be all of those things.

What should you do?  Well, what are you comfy with.  I’m more and more comfy with posting silly videos of me doing karaoke than you might be.  I like beach wallpaper with funky quotes.  I also like long walks on those beaches with the wind in my ha…er…that might have been too much…

Channel You is not 100 percent you, though.  It’s about getting your content out, yes, but it’s also about sharing content.  It’s about sharing that passion, not just from you, but from others, to as many people in your tribe as possible.  It’s about creating that tribe, and communicating with that tribe through this great new Channel that you have.  Channel You.

Build it, build your content, build trust within the community that shares your interest, THEN mention that they could come…if they want to.  Maybe then, they will.