Hi.  I’m Kris. Thanks for coming to my corner of the Interwebs.


I started podcasting in March of 2006, so I’m part of that second wave of podcasters that got inspired by Adam Curry, Keith and the Girl, and Nobody Likes Onions to do a show of my own.   I consider myself to be a human creative crash test dummy when it comes to creative endeavors, so I learned what works by learning all the things that don’t work first. 

In 2011 I broke the all-time continuous streaming record, by completing an 86 hour marathon podcast over Labor Day Weekend. 

From 2011 to 2015 I ran the Left of Center Internetwork, a channel of different podcasts for different interests. 

Starting in 2016 I scaled back my efforts and began my latest solo podcast, “Roley.”  As of this writing there are 340 episodes. 

As a human creative crash test dummy, I have never lost the bug to try different ways of expressing myself.  So, in addition to podcasting, I am an amateur photographer, and a long suffering and extremely unpublished writer of humor and of cyberpunk science fiction. 

In 2016 I started writing and making videos as part of my day job, and I have begun experimenting with vlogging. 

In 2019, it dawned me that a lot of people liked to pick my brain about podcasting and how to start one.  I hadn’t paid much attention to the industry that has sprung up around podcasting, but when I looked into it, I was shellshocked.  In fact, much of the industry that has sprung up around creatives and ‘making your side hustle your main hustle’, has surprised me.  

Simply put, I want to help people how to get something out of their creative pursuit in a way that still allows me to sleep at night with a clear conscience.