Link: Scott Disick Succeeds At Cut And Paste, Fails At Internet


As Instagram screwups go, that one’s pretty bad… and it’s not cheap. According to The Mirror, Disick gets paid between £10,000 (~$14,500) and £13,000 (~$19,000) per sponsored post. Although Bootea is probably okay with all the press the gaff is generating.

I had to go look up who this tool is.  I wish I hadn't.  A Kardashian by any other name carries the same stench. 


Link: Adobe Spark iOS Apps


Adobe Post is now Spark Post, Voice is now Spark Video, and Slate is now Spark Page. All are updated, but otherwise maintain their current core functionality as free iOS apps.

I've used Adobe Post (Now Spark Post) a few times now, and I like it more than others in the space (like Fotor, for example).  It looks more professional to me, and it's easier to use. 

Give it a try.  

Apple Music Revamp?


Following a management shakeup, the service’s new look is being overseen by content head Robert Kondrk and Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor. Design chief Jony Ive's team also has provided input, along with Iovine and Eddy Cue, the senior vice president in charge of Internet services.

So far, Apple Music has two things going for it: Beats 1, and it's half the price of Spotify if you have the family plan.  

We've reached a plateau or sorts when it comes to the hardware, I think.  I think (and I'm sure wiser people than I have said this) that the next 'phase' isn't going to be about new form factors or the next big thing, it's going to be about expanding what we can do with what we've got right now.  Apple Music is one of those things, and as a person that takes music seriously (oh, you have NO idea) Apple needs to get this right.  At the very least, they need to not get it iCloud wrong.

More and better services need one other thing, and that's battery life.  Something that I hope will be better addressed soon.