Latest Episode 9/5/2016

It's the peak of Hurricane Season here in the City of Dolphins, although we haven't had one in quite a while.  Also, a project update, and the common thread that ties all self help gurus together.    Here's a hint:  it's not their winning personalities, that's just the hook.  Roley is about steak, not sizzle, so he breaks it down to the main points so you don't have to spend another minute in the Barnes and Noble Self Help section.  

Self Help?  More like Help, if it works.  Let's make it work for you, for free.  Help Yourself.    



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Roley talks about the really awesome experience he's had this week with seeing a character he created brought to life, the difference between silo'd multifunctional teams and one that has a personal investment in a project from beginning to end, and continuing his list of One Word Suggestions: Space.