You have two choices:

Either find an unimpeachable, independent, unbiased source of journalism...

...or stop watching the news. 

I have, for the last few years, chosen the latter.  

What, you think I've missed anything?  Trust me, if it was earth shattering enough, I heard about it from you, and you, and you.

There is nothing to be gained by allowing an avenue of fear, uncertainty, and doubt into my life.  In fact, there is a part of my brain that feeds on it.  I am self aware enough to know this, so i don't allow it in. 

I leave the spittle and frothing at the mouth to a never viewed part of my Facebook news feed. 


Life in a nutshell

As far as I see it, the key to living a good and peaceful life is by taking the time to put processes in place so that when the bad shit comes down, you can absorb the blow better.  

Not every crisis has to come close to breaking you spiritually, emotionally, or financially. 

Take the time to write down what you learned from the last time, and then what you need to do in order for that to never happen again.

You now have a project.  What's the next logical step? 

Step it out.  

Then, do it.  

Custom Settings

We tend to live out our lives in some kind of default mode.  Some of us have a circle of friends that we met from work, and that's who we hang out with.  We work in a chosen field because that was the job we could get when we first entered the workforce.  We live in a place because that's where we live and we're nervous about moving somewhere else.  Our days have even been programmed into some neat and orderly schedule because that's 'how we like to do things'. 

Yet we all think something is wrong, don't we? 

We seek self help books, and go to lifestyle seminars, and buy new clothes (computer/car/life changing gadget), and yet we still feel the same, because we change everything but the four basic things we think we CAN'T change: Where we live, who we're friends with, what we do, and where we work.   We still run in default mode. 

The defaults can be changed.  




Most people, when asked "What is your idea of the perfect place?" will answer with a geographic location they have been to once, or a place they have selected as a place they would like to go, because they see it as their ideal vacation/retirement/lifestyle location. 

There's nothing wrong with that, but what I think they miss is the frame of mind they think they will have when they get there.  

As it is their ideal location, they will be content. It is a place where they will feel the weight of the world off their shoulders.  They will be able to spend quality time with the things and the people they care about, doing the things they want to be doing. 

What they haven't grasped yet is that feeling is portable. 

Better still, being able to have that mindset here--now--may be thing that gets you there sooner. 


Whatchamacallits and Thingamajigs

I used to have a desk full of trinkets and doodads that frightened people.  Invariably I'd grab a rubik's cube, slinky, or a yoyo and start fiddling with it.  

That was when you knew I was somewhere else thinking of solving problems, or creating new things to do. 

I scaled back my menagerie in recent years, but I still keep a few treasured trinkets around.   

You never know when the next idea is waiting for you to reach for that familiar.  


You have to choose.

When given a choice, I have never understood how it is that some people choose to be miserable.

They may not outright say "I have chosen to be miserable", and they don't have to.  Their actions make that clear enough.

I have never made the conscious choice to be miserable, but I have--on occasion--taken actions that guarantee it.  As a result, I have paid for it in my quality of life, my attitude, and my prospects for a better future. 

When I make the conscious choice in word and deed to be a positive person, it has made a difference.   

Look at your words and actions, and see how you can change them to make a difference for you and yours.   

Are you doing it wrong?

If the goal of your life is to accumulate assets, you're doing it WAY wrong.

Sure, money is nice, but the only people that are going to care about your money are people who will eventually try to claim it. 

Accumulate wisdom, and experience, and meaningful events instead.  The passing of those qualities to the next generation is more valuable. 

As an added bonus, you will have had a life.  Not many people can say that when it's over. 


The Funny

For the first time in about two years, I'm feeling the urge to just open the firehose and see what comes out.  That's blog posts, that's podcasts, that's video, pretty much everything I have at my disposal. 

I credit the project that Ive been working on since the beginning of July with this, it's returned me back to the things I love to do.  The fact that I've been doing for my paycheck for the last four months has something to do with it, but it also marks the first time in about ten years that i've had any kind of job satisfaction. 

My team, also, is a tight group of people that I feel totally comfortable with.  A great bunch of folks that seem to get where I'm coming from.    

The end result is that the imp of the peverse in the back of my head is awake again, and ready to make a little mischief.  

I hope you enjoy the ensuing trainwreck.  


A year of creation.

As we draw to the close of January 2016, you've seen quite a bit here on the site and elsewhere in social media.  There's a reason for this.  

Last year was a year of No Bullshit, which we achieved with varying degrees of success.  The end of the year threw a few curveballs at me, but I had put myself in a good place to handle them.   

This year--2016--Will be a year of creativity.   A year of building again.   I'm taking off the filter, and Im going to just make things. 

Hopefully, you've already seen some of the stuff I've thrown up.  I'm looking forward to so much more.  


Show Your Work

Consistency (habit) plus time equals margin.   

Show my work?  Sure.  You're reading it.  

This post was written on November 2nd, 2014.  

All of the posts you've read this month were written in the month of November.  

Are they epic?  No. 

Do they have to be?   


But here's the thing.  I sat down, and wrote them using my half hour time frame early in the morning, and my Sunday creative block.  

And here we are at the end of January, and there's been a new post every day. 

On to February.  



You can call this curmudgeonly, but I've reached an age of my life where I look around at my peer group, and I see a clear line between people who have made wise choices, and those who have not. 

I see myself as a peerson who started very much in the poor camp, and has tried in his adult life to make it over to the wiser camp, with varying degrees of success.

I see my job as trying to make sure that the next batch of young adults that come up never have to see what I see, or make the journey I've had to make.  My job is to try to get them started in the wise camp. 

If some of those in my peer group manage to learn something from this as well, so much the better.  I'm still hiking this road as well.  

Ill Communication

Make sure that you define your terms, and you set expectations.  AAll too often, projects are delayed because someone somewhere isn't clear on terms,, expectations, or delivery.  That's how you end up in an overrun of time, resources, money, or all of the above. 

That said, if someone on the team has been informed of these things repeatedly and is still off the reservation, then the problem is not you.  Hold to your agreement, which you hopefully got in writing. 

If they insist, despite proof to the contrary, that you are in the wrong, then you must decide if it's ok to fire a customer. 

(Hint: It's totally ok to fire a customer) 


I don't care how good you think you are, you can't score a goal every time you're on the pitch.  

So, don't think in terms of goals.  Think in terms of set pieces.   

Throw in's, crosses, free kicks, corner kicks, they're all a contribution to a goal.  

So you didn't score today.  Big deal.  Did you take a step forward?  

If you did, then you're setting things up.    

Stay on the pitch.  

The Game

Taking a second to pause and reflect on a time when my life did not revolve around the magic box in my front right pocket.  

We seem to live in a world now where wwe are immersed in our own magic boxes, and not looking at each other, or looking around.   

The technology that we carry with us is a tool.  We are supposed to rule the tools we use, not the other way around.   

We must recommit to a life not outside technology, but along side it.  One where it is there when we need it, not one where we need it in order to function.   

I'm just as bad as everyone else, but I do see it for what it is: A distraction, and an opiate.    

Wesley Crusher showed us the truth about The Game, but we're not listening. 


"I didn't make it for you."

Some wisdom that came to me while watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show...


It's OK to create something that's outside the norm.  That's wierd.  That's not for everyone.  

It's also OK to tell someone, "That's OK, maybe this isn't for you." 

What's not ok is to water down the weird so that it appeals to a wider audience.    You're letting the faithful down when you do that.

You don't need everyone to like what you do, you only need the ones that get it.  


Drawing Fouls

When did we start measuring success by how many times the other guy fucked up?  

Stop that.   

Success is measured by how many times you get it right, not how many times someone else gets it wrong.  It's even less how many times you cause someone else to get it wrong.  

Worry about your own game.